One big slap!

The Slap!

Well, this video is quite impressive. Was added on youtube 10 days ago and already has more than 6,4 milions views. After watching it I feel like giving a slap someone as well.

Author of this idea gathered 40 people- friends, acquaintances- and put them together without knowing each other. He paired not only girls with girls and boys with boys, but also girls with boys. Then he aksed them to hit each other. So, they saw person who they had to hit for the first time.


I tought that boys will be kind and will not slap girls as hard. But after say hi and one big nervous smile they did it. And it seems they are enjoying that, both girls and boys because they aksed if they can hit each other once more. So, they started hitting each other again and again and they laughed and smiled and now I relly feel like hitting somebody too.

Below the video are comments that devided people into two groups. First group is saiyng it was funny and they think it is not a big deal because everyone knew what it is about. But second group don’t approve that, they think it is stupid, hasn’t point and it’s a good video for femminists who tear this video to pieces for showing a man hitting a woman.

I think that sometimes we need to get rid of  your stress and pressure an hit something as hard as we can. And wneh sosmeone is willing and let us hit him/her we should take this chance. I think that my brother is still sleeping so I might go and wake him up nicely…. No, I am not as mean.

Source of the pic.: here